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Maryland Child Care Scholarship (formerly POC)

     Hello families! Thank you for looking into Best Buddies Learning Center. On this page, you can click the link below to access information on the Maryland Child Care Scholarship program--formerly known as Maryland POC. The link will take you directly to the Child Care Scholarship (CCS) webpage and allow you to access all the need-to-know information for the process. In addition to the information provided, the application can be found on this website as well. The CCS application is now all online for ease of access to families. 

The way CCS works is you fill out the application and when they provide you with a response on the amount you will receive (if applicable). Once you have the amount, the copay that you would pay to the center is as follows:

Best Buddies Weekly Tuition minus CCS pay = Your weekly Copay 

As a reference, Best Buddies Weekly Tuition Rates are:

- 6 weeks-23 months = $400 per week

- 2-3 years old = $315 per week

- 4-5 years old = $300 per week

- Before & After School care (Kindergarten through 5th grade)= $160 per week

- Summer School Age Care = $230 per week

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