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Welcome to Our Parent Resources Page

      Here on our 'Parent Resource' Page, you can find various resources ranging from how to help your child learn to go on the potty, to biting, and even how to work through your child's "big" feelings. All of these resources are here for you and we will add new resources as we find those we think would be helpful for the ages we serve here at Best Buddies Learning Center. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to reach out.

In order to ensure all of your child's belongings are labeled, here are a few companies that are wonderful for personalized labels for your little one!

Community Resources:

Baltimore County:

Department of Social Services (443)378-4600

DSS--Domestic Violence Hotline


Pro-Bono Resource Center--MD


Turn Around


Family Crisis




Harford County

Anna’s House-Homeless Shelter


Harford Community Action Agency


Dept. of Social Services


Family-Social Service Organization




Red Cross


SARC-Domestic Violence


Behavior Management for Children:

Abilities Network--Baltimore County

(410)828-7700 ext. 1229

Abilities Network--Harford County


Kennedy Kreiger:

Foster Care


Out-Patient Center


New Patient Info.


Miscellaneous Resources:

Mountain Cristian Church

**contains information about various resources for families in need of help**

Social-Emotional Resources:

Developmental Resources

Potty Training Resources:

Speech & Language

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